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The darkness had sunk over the area when Jens shemale tube  swung into the yard on the property that he and Susanne had bought not so long ago.
He wondered a little that there was no light anywhere, but stumbled upon the idea that Susanne was sitting and enjoying the dusk in their newly renovated living room.
Jens wanted to surprise Susanne a little and let the car roll in from the driveway into their carport.
He got out of the car and gently closed the door and walked around the house. He saw that the windows were slightly illuminated, probably by the living light in the living room.

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Jens looked gently into one of the windows and was struck by the lightning!
On the floor in front of the fireplace, Susanne locked all four while a man knelt behind her, both were naked and on the man’s movements there was no doubt that he was kissing Susanne.
He could see her breasts swing in line with the man’s shock. His first indictment was to enter the living room and tear them apart? On the other hand, in one way or another he was fascinated by the sight.
The living room was quite bright light of candlelight and only now Jens discovered that there was another man in the living room, too, he was naked and sat in his couch with his one hand engaged to rub his cock stiff into the air.
Susanne turned his head against him and apparently told him something as he got up and crossed the couple, kneeled down in front of Susanne and directed his stiff cock into the mouth of Susanne!
Jens whipped a bit, it was new to him that Susanne was wearing a cock, it was not something that was part of their normal sex life. Apparently she enjoyed it because she grabbed the dick with one hand while her head moved back and forth as the dick slipped in and out of her mouth.
Jens did not know what to do and at the same time he felt that he was getting a strong erection, his one hand automatically searching down the front of his pants and began to rub gently on his locked cock.
A moment later, he could see that the two men changed their seat, so now it was the man who had hugged Susanne, who got a dick.
It did not take long before Jens had to shine his pants down and fish his dick, it was stiff and tough, and he now pissed on his life as his wife was fired from behind.

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He sensed a moment after Susanne came into intense orgasm as he could hear through the closed windows that she moaned loudly, one thing she did not normally do when they were sexually grown.
The man in front of her masturbated heavily now and a short moment after, Jens could see that his cock sprayed the adult sex sperm into heavy dust and directly into the mouth of Susanne.
That view was too much for Jens his cock began to dunk and he came into a violent orgasm that sent rays of hot sperm over the grass.
The man behind Susanne now grabbed her hips and formally chopped her dick into her, and after the movements to judge he was filling her sperm with sperm.
Jens had some trouble breathing while he watched Susanne, who had meanwhile been licking that girl who had pumped a load and in her.
He was shocked at what he had seen, but at the same time deeply fascinated by his eyesight. He lighted his pants and thought about how to tackle the situation of entering the house in a natural shape.
However, the solution was completely self-evident as he soaked the bathroom turned on and thought they were all on their way to the bathroom.

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He quicklywalked to the car port, started the car and slipped out of the driveway while considering where to drive and how long he should give them to get out of the house.
Jens decided to drive for an hour or so so that he came back to the time he had told Susanne, he would be home.
After driving around, he had to drive again through the driveway to their house, this time without doing anything to conceal him coming home.
When he entered the house, Susanne greeted him with the usual light kiss, she did not seem to be touched by the situation she had been in short time, but Jens could smell that she had been bathing and by the way also brushed teeth.
That dinner went exactly as it used to be a little bit of a snap over the table. Only when the speech came about what Susanne had made did he notice a little hesitation and a light redness in her face.

After dinner, Jens went into his office and pretended to work as he often did while Susanne cleared the table.

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The time approached, the time when they usually went to bed, and Jens had decided that he would fuck her just this evening. The experience from the late afternoon was still a very exciting experience and he was excited about how she would respond to his wish that they should go to bed together.
Jens went to bed naked, which was not usual at the time of the year. He saw Susanne noticing it, and she hesitated a little before she also failed to wear nightwear and at the same time took off her pants, so she was as naked as Jens.
They choked a little to each other, but Jens noticed that Susanne gave up a little while trying to chill for her clitoris, it was probably a little sore even after the treatment she had been exposed to earlier in the day.
Jens turned her gently around so she lay on her back and kneeled down next to her face clearly with the intention that she should take his cock in his mouth. She stared a bit scared at him, it was clear that she had not expected this.
Oppressively she opened her mouth a little so he could get the dick a little bit. At the same time, Jens said that he had a dream of snapping her from behind in front of the fireplace. He immediately noticed a reaction from Susanne her lips hugged a little more about his cock.
When he continued to tell that he also wanted a man to be more involved with their sex, a man who had to shut the cock while he was kneeling her, he felt that she was in complete chaos her thoughts. Did he know anything? Had he discovered her escapade?
It lasted only a very short moment, so she continued his machining of his cock and was now also grabbing his wallet that she was fond of.
Jens noticed that Susanne was getting very excited and apparently completely forgot that they usually did not grow oral sex, she encouraged him to lick her, which Jens was not late to comply with.
For a moment he hesitated at the thought that a couple of hours ago had been a strange girl in her kiss, a cock who had handed a charge of sperm in her. But his excitement made up with all the hesitations and his tongue slid around along the edge of her lap before concentrating on her clitoris, he could hear she whispered loudly now and was ready to get him in.
Some time after, Jens knelt down between her wide spread legs and led the cock into her kisses that were hot and wet.
With deep but gentle bumps, he hugged her and felt her joy that she curled a little together so she could reach his wallet again, choked for it and just hugging his tense buttocks and pulling him even closer, getting the cock even deeper in.

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Jens was kidding for her breasts, who had stiff and raised nipples who shouted to be licked and sucked, which Jens did with great pleasure.
Jens did something completely unthinkable? He asked her to chill for herself so she got an orgasm, Susanne looked at him with blinky eyes, clearly showing she was completely in the violence of suffering.
Her hand searched down and began to process her clitoris and soon after, he could listen to her breathing that she was not close to coming.
He intensified his shock and at the same time laid her leg over her shoulders so he came deep into her kiss.
The pillow began to pull rhythmically around his cock when Susanne came into a furious orgasm, calling her to just get rid of and moan as much as she wanted, which meant that she opened her mouth and moaned loudly while her hand moved quickly on her sensitive area between the legs.
He could feel that it was not a long time for him to let the cock spray and decide that she should have it in her mouth just as the stranger had been allowed to do.
He pulled out the cock and moved up to her face, pulling her garden a little down, so that the mouth opened while he rubbed his cock at a fast pace, and saw that she was playing her eyes a little shortly after which she opened her mouth completely ready for to receive his hot sperm.
Seconds after pulled the dick together and in rhythmic splash the sperm poured into her mouth. She sank as fast as she could and only a small part of it ran out of her mouth again.
When he had finished spraying, she took care of his cock pulling the foreskin back and licking it clean.
Susanne smiled at Jens and said that it was great that they had finally come so far that they could love in a new and more shemale  ugly way. Jens nodded softly and lay down beside her. With each other in their hand they fell asleep.
The episode was never mentioned, but in the meantime, their sex life was subjected to a complete renewal, which resulted in long and lovely varying love nights and days for that matter.

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She rose from the sea just beyond the dunes where I gay tube had settled down with umbrella and book. Set at a distance, in backlight, with the dazzling glitter of the sea as a background, I thought it was a big boy and returned to my reading. It was only when she got up to the beach and folded her blanket into the marehal a 15-20m from me that it seemed to me that it was an adult woman. Her bright hair was completely short cut and her flattering body naturally sunburned. And then she had hardly any barb, that’s what had cheated me in the first place, but now, there was no doubt about her femininity. Her nipples were big and brighter, brighter than the rest of her tanned body, and under the simple white bikini the venus mountain swelled challenging.

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I drew my eyes and bowed over my book, afraid to scare her away. But she now seemed completely unaffected by my presence. Wiped long and thoroughly with a large terry towel while she looked thoughtfully out of the sea. As she spread the towel in the sand to lie down, she stood for a moment with her back just towards me, the damp white bikini pulled tight about a pair of full-length lips.
I rolled my stomach to conceal an initial erection. The woman lay on the towel and almost fell out of my field of vision. For a while I was seated and pretended to read while considering my next move. Even though I was quite close, the narrow strip of marehalm concealed her almost completely. Of course I could raise myself and go down to the beach and take a dip. That way I could at least consider her on my way back. The problem was just a cock like a fence pole that threatened to jump the elastic on my shorts. I could not possibly bet between the herds in that state. At the same time she raised her knees and straightened the towel. My heart ran a beat. Now she was naked!

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With a hand over her eyes she peered up and down the beach as she was looking for someone. I almost forgot to breathe. She was handsome beautiful! A nice, sharply drawn triangle of whole white skin where the bikini had been sitting – firm, muscular, almost completely rounded buttocks, and a fully shaved sex. I was so close that I could distinguish the shamrocks folder and the fine bright hair under her arms, and completely forgot to pretend I read.
And she must have felt my eyes, for a moment she looked straight at me with a pair of pale blue eyes, a faint smile on her lips. And I was unable to turn around but sat openly and stubbornly and must have looked quite comical. An elder, tanned man with straw hat and full raising. And she let her gaze up and down before she apparently completely unaffected, again turning to the sea.

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I obviously caressed myself without dropping her eyes. And she kept looking over the beach as if I did not exist at all. I was wondering if I should move a little closer when she suddenly male sex  stretched her hand and waved eagerly to someone. I was busy covering myself – so in the spirit some body-builder type settles down with her.
But it was a woman ..! Judging by the way they greeted each other a very good friend. Or maybe a little more than girlfriends …? In any case, they remained closely embraced for quite some time and looked deep in their eyes without saying anything. As they stood there they really appeared as each other’s opposites. The newcomer, a dark-haired beauty at the beginning of the thirties, was dressed in a slightly oversized T-shirt, as far as he could see … nothing else – at least her nipples tapped herself clearly against the fabric. The women slammed each other, and the dark hair spread his towel out into the sand and looked out of sight. I lay back under the parasol, dry in my mouth of excitement. It was in the middle of the day and roaring hot,
and I needed to be cooled by ..! A quick dip … once I had relieved the pressure …. I closed my eyes and drove my fisted fist slowly up and down. The labeled skin rolled back and forth over my bulging dickhead, while I imagined the women next door, naked in a fierce emotion. Then I started to come. Two, three, four cool injections over the stomach and a melting sensation in the spinal cord. ” Was it good?” A laughing voice. I looked up and stared straight at the two women who considered me curiously. “Yes, sorry” said the dark “I just wanted to borrow some fire … but you..yh was pretty busy ..” She considered my stomach that was stripped of sperm. My cheeks burned and I had trouble meeting her eyes.
“It’s otherwise a nice little cave you’ve got here,” said the lightheaded and looked around under the parasol. “What do you say to go down and rinse you as we move our towels over?” It would be nice to get a little out of the sun. ”

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I had completely lost the plot, just tumbling into the sunshine and down to the water, unable to grasp my luck When I came back, they were tightly wrapped under the parasol and kissed. Both completely naked. Both completely absorbed by each other. Rita and Maria. I pulled my wet bathing pants off and crawled into them.
Although there was a large umbrella there was not much room. Rita lay on her back with her eyes closed, Maria half past her, two fingers deeply buried in her lap. I tried to put myself so I gave them the most space while I could keep up with their love. None of them apparently inspired me. From Rita a soft moan sounded, blending with a sticky, smashing sound from her pussy, where Mary’s fingers worked faster and faster. My cock was still stiff like a fence pole.

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It was obviously Maria who had the initiative. Rita was angry under her fingers and bowed herself in the lip while Mary’s mouth slowly moved down over her flattery body, lightly in one of the bright nipples sleeping at her navel, eventually slipping over her hairless venus mountain. And for a moment she stopped moving her fingers.
Mary slid slowly towards me as her mouth slid over Ritas’s belly.
As I was behind her, I could not see exactly what she did to Rita, in return, I had a wonderful view of Mary’s lovely ass, because of the collapsed position she sat in was completely open..all visible. The shiny semi-open pussy and her nice tight nose hole. I could not help interfering in their play, but bowed me and literally buried my face between her buttocks ..! And Maria .. it seemed as if she had expected it, at least she pulled her fingers out of Rita’s abdomen for a moment, stretched both hands back and spread her buttocks even more for me …! It was a gesture that made me throw the last obstacles … from that moment there was nothing but glittering mucous membranes, saliva, juices and crazy agitation! What the two women did to each other I do not know, but the excitement propagated to us all three, rolling like waves over our tangled bodies. At one point I got up on my knees, wildly stretched and divorced Mary’s buttocks with both hands, and put my swollen headhead against her ring muscle, the frightened pulled by the touch. With a tight grip on the cock, I pressed and watched how the glittering dickhead slowly opened her ass and slid into the star with a sticky sound …. it was absolutely incredibly tight, warm and wonderful and I was hypnotized by the gay tube  sight of the thick nodded cock slowly buried between her perfect buttocks … and I was not the only one! In my excitement, I had not noticed that the two women lay in a 68’s, and only now I saw Rita’s face shining with Mary’s juice, just below my noses.
Her finger was long and stiff, and slid to the knees. It came so fast and unexpectedly that I did not get up until she was deep in me. For a moment it was as if the whole tableau was stiffing, I buried the robe in Mary with my dick and pulled my finger deep into me … then I began to come! One, two three pulsating contraction on Ritas’s finger, and just as many cool sperms of sperm deep into Maria …

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I have this companion as I otherwise thought I knew Red Tube really well. But it turned out that I came to know him even better. We had known each other since primary school, through education and in adult life with red tube videos. That is, we are about 35 years now. My companion is so what should you call it a little feminine of appearance (little woman’s body, shapes, no beard). As usual, we came to visit each other on a cross. Both with and without red tube videos. This happened a summer when his red tube videos were away on holiday because he could not get out of work he had to stay home.

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In such cases, one helps each other so he came over to have dinner while they were gone, one night he had forgotten his mobile phone when he left home. So I went out and two outerwear and shoe on and went over to him. When I got over there was a dimmed lighting, so I looked as quiet and looked in the windows when I watched my chamber window in the kitchen window. I was almost falling backwards like a shock I got. There he stood with his back wearing high blue stiletto nylon pants, a tight blue dress that ended just above the knees and a blonde wig with shoulder-length hair. I decided to go to doors I took care of the handle minsand he had forgotten to lock. So I listened quietly inside until I reached the doorway into the kitchen and looked carefully.
There he stood now I could see he had bra and artificial implants Woow which body and a full makeup so you could not recognize him at all. I quickly took his mobile phone off his pocket took some pictures of him. Afterwards I took a step into the kitchen and said, “The thief has really forgotten his cellphone.” He became scared and wanted to hide, but I had seen him so he stood and looked up with a red head in the floor. I went straight to him and showed him the pictures I had taken of him. And asked if the woman knew of him little fetichs, she did not.

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Whenever he asked to get the phone again. But no, it did not go, especially when you’re such a bad TZ as you told me. He asked what I meant. Yes, you see Bad thugs can not just get them, they deserve it for otherwise the pictures will be sent to your wife. Well what do you want me to do, he asked. Sit down on my knees, I walked, I walked and stood in front of him pin my pants up and take my cock, he did as I commanded when he pulled my tights down my now half-legged limb almost fell into his head. CUT I said he escaped but still took it in my mouth and sighed while I took more pictures of him. Nøøøj as he could suck “It was probably not the first time” After some time I had grown to full size and it was a pleasure to get around my limb.

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I lifted him up kissed him and threw him down on the couch and shouted at him that now he should fucking learn what it’s like to be a mess and grabbed a jar of you tube red in the kitchen and went to him lifted up the dress could see he was wearing a little blonde G-string. Fuck where it looked just sexy.
I loosened the self-contained nylon stockings from the hip holders and pulled the G-string down around his ankles, turned him on the knees of the couch and poured you tube red on his ass and something on my cock. I massaged the oil between the buttocks on him with my limb. Without giving him a heads up or something I took my limb and put the numb and pushed it inside. He said it hurt, I did not care I just grabbed his hips and held him fast while I was kidding him.
Quiet became his scream to the groan and he enjoyed it in full, Well, I hope I beat my cock in him, the more intense became his moan. I stopped suddenly pulled me turned him around so I could see best sex him in my eyes I knelt in front of the sofa where he almost broke his edge, I scattered his leg and popped in again when I was inside I took his leg under my arms and raised his abdomen while his head and the top of the back were on the couch. In this position I began to fuck him again he moaned and groaned I was getting on and on. In the end, I could feel he started coming. I could feel that he shrunk around my cock first in small dusts more and more. This was more than I could stand for so I came in a huge roar and emptied my load far up in the ass of him,

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When I arrived, I got my grip around his legs, my cock smoked out of his numb with a fainting. Now he was sitting halfway on the floor over the couch like another rag did I hug over him and put my slim limb in his mouth so that the throat could be cleaned up. I took a finger on his stomach and dried as much of his semen as I could and put it into his mouth.
I took my underpants and pants on the cell phone and Red Tube took some more pictures of him all the while my semen stopped running out of the ass at my best companion (TOS)
I ended up taking the SD card out of the phone and said that now you’re mine when I want and wherever I want and then left him sitting on the floor in front of the couch.
It has become a lot more and exciting experiences with my best companion since then.

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The school had begun after the holidays but Lesbian Tube Porn had nevertheless been allowed to have a two-week holiday when I had traveled the tourist all summer vacation. My job is driving a bus that I have been driving for 25 years now. Now I was in a hotel room in the middle of Jutland, because I had attended a course at the trade union’s expense.
Kl. was about 21 and was thinking of sleeping in bed when I was knocked on my door, I opened and there was a Pakistani girl of 18 years old, little and chubby, who had always been in the shadow of her two big brothers who was very dominant and as one of the former students who had been driving the bus from school from first class to 10th, I must come in. She asked me to open the door completely in what I asked what she was doing here, she was in practice here at the hotel and had seen me in the bar and followed me up to my room but had stood outside one until she had the courage to knock.

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She was very nervous, it was just as she shook, so asked if she did not want a drink to mask my nerves. I never tried to drink splash, she said but let go, once the worse is the first. I had a bottle of vodka and a liter of coke in my suitcase of, I made a drink half of the host. She took it and before I was told, she had put the glass to her mouth and emptied it, I told her something like that should be enjoyed and if she wanted more to enjoy with me, thank you she said.
Now she sat on my bed and I on a chair. Now I wanted to know what she had come for. It lasted something before she started vibrating a few tears, then she lay down on the bed with the head turned away from me,
You know I got married to my cousin who is five years older than me at home in Pakistan when I was 14 years old he has now come to Denmark and on Saturday 8 days ago I was home my mother put me to bed together with him (she started crying again and I sat over to bed and stroked her hair)

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What happened I asked. Jooo (pause) jooo, Mother asked me to come in to my room, so she asked me to take all the clothes off, in the bathroom she had made a bath ready with perfumed water, she washed me there after I lay down on my bed with scattered legs, she brushed all my hair off and then she put a silk scarf under me when you finished pulling it up between the legs so I can show it to everyone that you have become a woman she said she stroked rose petals over me and the whole bed, I should just turn on Ali and he crawled on me with his stiff and bumped three times and I became very fat between legs and soft tea a part and since it hurt and I do not know what to do I dare not seek medical attention, but you can of course talk to about everything.
I thanked her for the trust and asked her if he did not feel sorry for her first, no, she answered. There you have the reason I said. What do you think she said she did not realize it would hurt when a man tries to penetrate I explained,

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but if you want me, I want to show what I mean you’re wearing your clothes because I do not think that you know what love is, can i have a drink more she asked and i mixed one more with us
She drank half, you want to take the clothes off first, I want to see you without saying she I took my clothes off with the glass in my hand, she looked for my cock for a long time, it was a long time since it had been stiff i did not think it could be anymore, I have to touch you, she asked, I said yes, to let her decide what should happen. She lay silent, weighed the noses in her hand, hugged herself about her dick, pulled the figs through her hairs, so it began to touch a little without getting ready.
I was kidding something more for her body especially the breasts got a good deal ten minutes later her hand was on her way down, this time completely over her ass so up again and this time there was space in between her thighs and the crack open, she began to breathing deeply and sighing, I tried with a finger in her hole but there was resistance she was still virgin. I pulled the duvet aside and laid me between her legs kissed her in the middle of the pussy she was so so i was afraid that the whole hotel would come on her her orgasm slowly slipped sex toys off and I left my tongue I pulled me a little away and could now see what had happened that day Ali believed that he had made her a woman, a wound covering a quarter of closing the muscle and being red and healthy wounds on the one hand testifying that Ali had gone wrong in her eagerness.
I licked her to a new height, and while she moaned and angry she came into a new violent release, after we were in arms fell asleep. The next morning I gave her some suppositories that I had myself when I ran, as I often had a hair stomach. Every evening all week she came to me and I taught her a lot.

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On Saturday I went home and during Saturday I caught my friend and mate. There is also my doctor and I told you everything, now it’s your duty to make her a woman because the man thinks she is that and because he does not have to go out the back door he said and gave me a package of viagra.
I got up on my arms so I could better bump my shame on her sources and then she came back with a real scream and a ralph lauren, she got out of bed, I pulled me out and only now I realized that in the fight forgot the condom. she had a soft bit, there were only a few drops, but on the other hand the sheet was completely wet of her juices. I went over to my bag and took a condom. What do you ask, take a condom so that you do not get any children I answered, then I put my mouth again against her pussy licking her until I could feel she stay with the condom on the slide again into her. This time I fell straight to the bottom now Lipstick Lesbian there was no resistance beyond her tight pussy when I had driven in and out I took over her and overturned her back so she reached the top,

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She sat there and was tucked in my jaw I took her hips and made her go forward and bake. she was a lot of learning because it came quickly, she jumped and wriggled while she got on her breasts screamed and pussed, I did too, and I came, I never thought it would sound up but there was also two years of savings there Come on, my release drew her with a final rally far down, and then she overturned and slept.
The next four days we loved wildly and heartily, we tried everything I could from positions but lick me she did not want to. The last night I had to promise that if we met, we should do that, soo who knows.

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My name is Marie. I am sixteen years old. I had my first Porn Tube gathering about a month ago. It was with my boyfriend for 1/2 years. He goes in my class. I have known him for a couple of years. Since the fourth where he entered the class. He was not one of the others? Cool? boys from my class who had added up to me countless times. He was of the kind that cares for himself.
The crowd happened to a party held by one of the boys from the class. There was a lot of beer and I had been a little snuggled. Do not misunderstand me, I was not very full and I could easily control what I was doing. Maybe not entirely.
I am convinced that he had not drunk at all. What he should perform that evening demanded a high concentration. He came over to the table I sat by and sat down to me. He had been sitting for five minutes and tried to make eye contact with me but I had deliberately avoided his gaze to tease him. He is really cute and he has a good body and it was no wonder that I fell for him.

After ten minutes of disturbing me, I decided to look him in the eye. I turned his head and saw him straight into the brown eyes. I asked what he wanted when I could feel he had something in my heart. He did not respond and I thought he had not heard me through the noise of the music, so I repeated myself. He got up and asked me to follow. It was a chance to take. If someone noticed that I went home with him, it would not take long before most people would start on a childish piss with: “Marie and Lars fought?”. But he was my boyfriend so I took the chance and went with him.

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We went outside in January the cold and our breath made small clouds. I did not say anything but just stood up the door and waited for his move.
He took a deep breath and started. I do not want to go into detail but he said a lot about how beautiful and clever he thought I was. And a lot of other praise words. He ended up saying that he thought he loved me. I do not know what happened to the word lover we had never said to each other before.
But his beautiful words to me and the fact that I was very warm at him meant that I also said that I also loved him (the beer might have had some influence). When I stood saying those words, I suddenly felt attracted to him. He took my hand and asked if he had to be my boyfriend. All that he had said had come as a surprise to me. I was used to all the other boys’ saddle comments about my body and their offer to go home and ride a ride in the can.
I had never been this before. I said yes? to him and he asked if we should go home to him. I said yes again and went in to pick up my jacket in the house.
He lived in the basement of a large house. He had his own entrance via the outdoor basement staircase. To my great surprise, his room was cleaned up. It never used to be. He would have really thought about what would happen. I sat down on his bed and leaned adult sex me back up the wall. He stood in the middle of the room and looked at me and suddenly he said: “Marie, you’re so beautiful and I’m not a second in doubt I love you? Then he walked over to the drawer in his desk and picked up a box. He said that I should have. Before I opened it, I knew what it was. A very beautiful necklace.
Before I could say something he had bowed over me and kissed me. I slid down his back slowly and he lay halfway in front of me still kissing. It was a little shy but still nice. We kissed long before he took courage and started opening my pants. I interrupted our kisses and set me up. It was not because Lars had not seen me naked before, he was ashamed. He had also touched me between my legs and on my breasts and I had given him orgasm. The times we had? Played? with each other, we were started in the same way as that day. But unlike the other times, I also knew that that evening he was keen to go further than touching, and that was not really something I had thought much about. Of course, I knew that at one point he would probably raise the subject.
My heart pumped quickly because of the agitated mood and I was struggling to get the words forward. I was infinitely slow to say I did not get ready yet. Then he became very angry with himself. He hit the table and tied that he could be so stupid. When he fell a little more, he began to apologize. I told him that there was no reason to apologize. He sat beside me and tube porn.

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Then I pulled the blouse over my head and opened the Bh which I let go to the ground. He raised one hand up to my right chest and hugged it easily. He let his index finger rotate about the nipple until it was completely rigid, then he repeated the process of the other wart. Slowly I smoked back on my back with him on me. We kissed for a long time and I started to feel warm inside. And before it was quite a while, I also got wet. Nevertheless, I felt ready to have large porn tube, and I told him.
He became very happy and began to take off his pants. When he had them down on his ankles, he revealed a genitals that were at least equally illuminated like mine. I crept out of the pants already open and also listed the pants on the same occasion. Then I lay down on his back bed. Meanwhile, Lars had found a condom in a drawer he was trying to get on. It went extremely painlessly and easily.
Then he lay on me. I could feel his cock against my right thigh. I must have been lying down with my legs, suddenly he whispered close to my ear that I would spread his legs so he could come to. I listened and bent both legs up against my head while spreading them. This meant that he now had a clear view of my sheath and lap. I kept my shower down with a trimmer so I only had a striped hair over the tissue. This had excited him a lot since he looked naked for the first time.
He leaned in between my raised scattered legs and pushed his cock toward my lips. It did not slip, although I was still fairly wet. But I could also feel that he did not hit the opening properly, so I assisted Tube with a hand. With a few fingers I spread my lips so he could stab the cock inside. He pressed it only a few centimeters up, he stopped and waited. I had become more nervous the closer we got together we came because I was afraid it would hurt when he punctured? me. It actually did not.
He stabbed the blade further up until he encountered the mood. Then he asked if I was ready and I nodded. The second time he pressed through and it blew a little. He waited a little before he began to make bowl movements in me.
I noticed the rubber rubbed against the inside of the vagina without feeling anything particularly nice. And after what had been about ten minutes he came. He hit hard for the last few times, and so did it hurt. But I did not want to spoil the experience for him and so I was in pain. After he had pulled out and got the condom thrown away, he came back and lay under the quilt with me.

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He put a hand on my tissue and gnawed it gently. The lips were still blood-filled and bigger than they used to be, the vagina was a little wet. Then he asked if I was ok. I said it was me, although it still hurt. Before falling asleep with a hand on the vulva, he said he loved me.
The following day I still had a place in my vagina, but I thought it was probably for all girls the first time so I went to school anyway. But in the class the pain became worse and eventually I could not sit properly on the chair because of my pain. Then at last I decided to go home. When I finally reached home I walked up to my room and found a mirror. I removed my pants and placed the mirror between my legs to take a closer look at my stage but I could not spot anything strange. Of course, I could not look into myself either.
So after a while, I decided to go to my doctor.
I would not have considered it so long if it was not because my doctor is a man. I called for some time and then drove on a bus when I could not stop riding a bike.
When I entered, there was no one except his secretary. She sat reading a magazine and said I could just go in.
My doctor, Dr. David Johansen sat and read in a book as I stepped into the room for him, so he closed it quickly and smiled at me. He asked me to take a seat on the other side of the table and tell me what was wrong.
It took me a long time to get started, but I was finally told that I had large porn tube the day before. The doctor nodded carefully when I told myself that I was in pain in my tissue. Then he asked me to pull me up pulling down the pants so he could hit me in different places. He asked me to pull my pants a little further down and then a little longer until you could even grasp my pubic hair.
-? No? he said? I can not feel anything here, just throw your pants and lie up on the couch so I can look up in you?
I froze to ice inside. I did not expect I had to throw the clothes, but I did as it was said. Slowly I threw my pants and, even slower, I threw the pants.
-? You’re shaving what? It may also be very nice to get rid of some of that hair not ?? he said without feeling any expression in the voice.

He told me I should not be nervous. Because if something was wrong, then the error should be found. I just nodded affirmatively. He put a hand on my hip and pushed me gently towards the table.

I sat on the edge of the brim with crossed legs. He sat on a wheelchair stool so he sat in my vulva. He said I was going to lay down and spread my legs as much as I could. But I did not respond. He put my hands on my thighs and tube porn with a soothing look. Take it easy and relax, he said to me. But it was not just quite straightforward. Then he told him that he had seen many tissues in his time as a doctor and then asked me to lie down. Second time I did as it was said.

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I leaned back on the couch and spread my legs but it was hard to keep them lifting so he said I could put them on his shoulders and I did.
Then I felt his fingers against my lips, and I lay silent without saying a sound. Slowly he spread them and raised my finger in me.
– Yes, you’re not a virgin, can I notice !? I confirmed that with a nod. Then he asked how it had been with Lars. I doubted if there were such questions he should ask, but I chose to tell him about the crowd.
He asked if I had been excited and wet and I had to honestly reply that I had not been particularly wet. Suddenly I free porn tube on my clitoris, it gave me a little dust and he asked:
“Did Lars gobble here before bouncing ??? I shook my head. He began to tweak it with two fingers and my breath became heavier. It was so nice that it almost hurt. And without it, I began to get wet on the doctor’s finger. I embarrassed me and would rather than just wanna go away, but something made me lying. He pulled out his finger and wiped it off in his kettle.
-? No, nothing else wrong. You’re just sick after your first time, which is quite normal if you’re not dry. But I can see you get wet by sexual touch so that’s no problem. You can have sex with him Lars. But next time, ask him to make you well wet first, like I did?
I breathed relieved before he said I should throw blouse and bra. But I thought he had seen my pains and everything, so why do not my breasts.
He told me that, of course, it had nothing to do with my tenderness, but he just wanted to check that everything was as it should be. I did as he asked me and took off my clothes so I was now naked in front of him. Then he stretched out his hands and touched my chest. My legs were still on his shoulders so his arms were between my knees. He massageed his chest and nodded for the nipple so it became stiff. After a while he started on the second breast and it was the same trip. My stage produced more secretion, which ran down and lay on the couch. I looked down and suddenly saw a big bump in his pants. I had to protest, but then his one hand smelt back to my dune again and began to reset it. A strong feeling spread throughout my abdomen and I could not speak, but instead I flipped my head by reflection, pushed his chest toward him and moaned. I tried to limit the sound, but I could not.
-? Just funny, the room is soundproofed? he said.

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Then again I free porn tube in the vagina that was as wet as it had never been before. I felt attracted to him. I felt like having him in me, even though he was at least ten years older than me. A strange feeling that I’m ashamed of today. But when I was sitting on the table with his fingers in me, I knew he would give me my first amazing sex experience. I got right.
He kept rubbing my dumble and I could not keep calm on my couch. The warm feeling from my abdomen waved through my entire body. In the beginning, I struggled, but I ended up giving up to his experience. All the time he seemed to find new places around the clitoris that gave different feelings better and more powerful than the last. I started making joint movements with my hips so his finger slid back and forth in me. Once in between he took it out and led it to my mouth, but I did not want my own secretions in my mouth. So I closed it, and instead he took the liquid from my mouth to my breasts, which he lubricated.
After we had been in such a neighborhood, all those great feelings became too much and I came. The orgasm was incredibly intense and lasted not very long, no more than 6-8 seconds. But it was very powerful. I had not tried to come before. I thought I had orgasm when I masturbated but I did not. On the other hand, I had never masturbated in the right ways with clitoris. I had always just sat and rubbed my lips and I became very rarely naturally wet.
When I arrived he picked up a large number of fingers in my sheath so that I could really feel it pulled into cramps. After the orgasm, I was still horny, I was, I do not think another word could otherwise describe my condition. I was still wet and ready for more.
He put my tongue against my hot kiss and separated his lips with it. His hot tongue was like a wet dream. He put it as high in me as he could and felt at my stage. Then he pulled it out and began to lick on the cliff. The wonderful feeling came again, but hardly as fierce as before.
When I was sitting there on the couch, I was wondering if this was not illegal in one way or another. If I shouted rape here, the front page of Ekstrabladet would sound something like: “Recognized doctor at the end of the thieves raped a young girl on fifteen”. But I had no intention of shouting such a thing.
He moaned between my legs and I looked down at him. He sat with his stiff cock in his hand and played it while licking my klito. His dark red dickhead disappeared back and forth under the foreskin. He stopped licking my tissue’s earliest place and tube porn. Then he asked if I was willing to move on. I just moaned. He repeated and asked if he had to stab his cock in my wet interior. I nodded with a back held mood. And almost without warning he had risen and drilled his penis between my lips. He knocked it all the way down and I was surprised. Both because it was nas and because I had expected that he had taken a condom first. I could feel a difference in the thickness of the doctor and Lars tissue. Dr. Davids had a bit larger diameter than my girlfriend.
He had suddenly forgotten everything about stimulating me and my young abdomen that sparkled with excitement and excitement. All the time he knocked it down while holding a tight grip on my balls, so he could really pull me down over his dick. It hurt a little, but it helped when I sent a finger down to the clitoris to masturbate it.
He leaned over me, so I had to lay down on the couch. He lay on me and bumped through. So suddenly, I heard his voice whisper: “I’m getting drunk! I’m kidding you pregnant !?
I was very scared but did not dare move me when he arrived. The sperm hit my uterus in cascades and probably made me pregnant too. It was incredibly exciting to have his semen in me but still a bit disgusting. I had not imagined that sperm could be felt, but it may. As he pulled out, there was sperm on my bones and thighs.
I began to cry when I realized that I had to bump me thick. But the doctor had a solution. Out of his back room he picked up a strip of replay player. He broke one and bade me swallow it but at first I did not want to take some pills. But when I thought about it and it seemed to me that I might have to have an abortion later. So I swallowed the pill. He also gave me a pain reliever to my tissue, which would be very tender the following day.
Now it’s been a month and I’ve just had my menstruation. I’m very happy just to see the blood from my stage.

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It was summer – and I was still virgin. Not really the naked girls porn big catastrophe when I only was – years. My friend (who was stuffed -) and I was on my way home from a camping trip out of the North Sea when we arrived at a town about – kilometers from home. Here, Simon worked from our class as a lifeguard at a small campground, so we decided to go in and say hi.
Simon was incredibly pleased to see us. Simon is a tall and typical Danish guy, with blue eyes and bright hair, and after sitting in his upper body for a whole summer, to keep an eye on some mules, he was pretty brown. As he was a lifeguard he was also very muscular. I never really thought he was something special, definitely not ugly, but nothing special. But when he came to us only wearing little bathing pants, which left nothing to the imagination, I could not help feeling a bit smudge.
We sat and talked, and my friend and I agreed to go into the water. After splashing around, I looked up at Simon. He sat with a crooked smile on his mouth and considered me. I slowly got up from the water and walked down and sat on him. The water dripped from me and made him completely wet. I sat with front against him, and felt that something slowly began to touch the bathing pants. As I always liked to tease him, I started as quietly driving around my abdomen. His breathing became heavier, but suddenly he pushed me off and had to run inside.
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Simon persuaded us to stay, and in the evening we sat down to drink. My girlfriend quickly became tired, so when the clock was – only Simon and I were awake. It was a lukewarm evening, and the pleasant breeze led Simon’s intoxicating scent of man over against me. I sat and played with the idea of how it would be caressing his body. Let your fingers slide over the well-groomed chest, enclose his nipple with my lips, and then bite them easily. Then proceed down over the washboard and end up at his cock, as I would …. “Do you listen to Victoria?” I raised a little embarrassment because I had not heard a word of what Simon had said. “I asked if you wanted to go down and pray. I have the key ?!”. Still a bit horny after today’s events, I was kindly pleased.

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We ran into the water right away. At first we just swam, played a little and splashed water together as a couple of 6-year-olds. Suddenly I could not see Simon, and I was out at the deep end. I got a huge shock when a pair of muscular arms wobbled around me and clinged to me. “Now you’re on my home” whispered Simon in my ear. For the sake of the sake, I tried to wreck me, knowing that it was impossible. He tore my swimsuit of me and I could feel he was naked too. Now there was nothing to do I had to have? him. He pushed my hand down to my step and slowly began to massage my clitoris, but quickly paced and pushed hard and hard. At the same time he hugged me. I was ready to explode.

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The kind of hard treatment continued, as he with a good grip on my life swam for a little lower reason. He turned around and pushed me up to the poolside. He alternately kissed and beded my throat and breasts. I could feel his cock knocking big and stiff against my only belly skin. Now I had to have him. I wound my legs up about his life and adam and eve sex led his cock up in my pillow. What a delight. I was shocked by libel when I felt his cock fill me all the way. He smiled a cheeky smile and pulled out. I looked confused at him and he whispered in my ear: “Two can play the game”, of course he meant my little “joke” in the afternoon. “Put your knees down and put it on me”, “Under the water,” I asked, but more I did not say before pushing me under the water. I gently grabbed his purse and massage it gently while taking his huge limb in his mouth. He began to hug my mouth, which was surprisingly exciting.

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As I had no more air I got up to the surface. “Okay, no more doctor” he said with a serious facial expression. Again he grabbed me and lifted me up so that I could wrap his legs again. After I once again brought his cock up in me, he took my hands and held them in an iron grip fixed to the poolside. Now he had the control and he started to hug me in some long cool hugs. Each time he hit all the way. He set the pace and we came almost simultaneously in a huge orgasm, followed by a large number of minor orgasms where he got up in me. I caught my throat as he grabbed my breasts and massage them very hard.

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Exhausted, but still horny, we got up on dry ground. We lay close to each other, with our legs wound together. We started kissing each other in some so juicy and violent kisses that I have never tried before or since. I could feel that his cock had gained strength and again began to grow between my legs. I turned him around on my back, naked happy girl sat on him, and started riding. He quickly came, but when I realized that I was a bit unhappy with not achieving orgasm, he lay between my legs and started licking. We switched to the crack and the clitoris, and alternately he hugged me. I arrived fairly quickly and now we were both exhausted. We found our swimwear and went to the small hut and close to the hut.

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After the wet company party, Ib traveled from the Gay Male Tube restoration, so the acquaintance with Anette was only for one occasion and the work in the kitchen was reasonably strenuous, we were busy all the time, so holidays did not get much, but I got overtime pay for the hours I spent worked more than usual, so it was okay. But six did not get much, I just had to satisfy myself, but it’s great to love another person. I think it had been a couple of months, I had a shutdown to serve the food and clean the kitchen, we had a dishwasher that had just begun, her name was Mia and was just full – she should also be there to close. We knocked all evening, helping each other with both dishes and food, so when we were finally finished we were at. 2 at night. We both had free the next day, and agreed to go home to have a good night of beer. Mia phoned her parents and said where she was, it was okay. with them that she brought home to me, she just came home the next morning.

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We went home to me, I found a beer for us, put a CD on and we talked about everything while we drank the beer and relaxed. most work, but also her schooling. When the beer was drunk, I said, I’m just bathing, I took all my clothes off and went to the bathroom. It was nice to feel the warm man, it refreshed a little on a tight day. As I sank in, I stood thinking of Mia, she was a beautiful redhead girl, about -0 approx. tall, very stiff breasts B – the same as myself, my breasts were just hanging a little more, my warts had become stiff, both thinking of Mia, but also by the insertion, I could feel i was horny but hurried To finish the bath, Mia was supposed to go to bed before we were going to sleep. I took the towel around me, said to Mia, now you can go to bed and I’ll find a towel for you. Mia got up and started to take off the clothes, she suddenly seemed a little shy, I did not like anything, found a towel in a drawer and gave her it. She had no bra on, only panties. Øyeue some great breasts you have, I said. See me, I let the towel fall so she saw me completely without clothes, they hang something relative to yours. I could see Mia staring at my pussy. I always shave off my hair, I said, I like it best. I’ve never tried that, Mia said. Otherwise, I said, both when you do it and also when you love someone, you become more sensitive when your hair is not there. Mia walked past me in the bathroom. I knocked out my couch so it turned into a double bed, rescued the bed walking and opening the bathroom to the bathroom, I just took my toothbrush, I said. Mia did not answer she was washing herself. I could clearly see that she had not trimmed the hairs on the fist, they stood out to all sides, there was a lot and it was red. I started brushing teeth as I watched her in the mirror, she was washing herself, she let both hands slide over her breasts, uh .. it was yelling, it was trembling between my legs. She turned off the water, began to wipe, hit the towel around like I had. I do not have any toothbrush with, Mia said. I have one you can get, I said and found a new one for her. I walked in and lay in bed, I only have a duvet blanket so we had to sleep under the same duvet. Mia came after a while, you do not have a pair of panties I can borrow, she asked. Yes of course, I jumped out of bed still naked and found a pair of G-strings for her. She took them on and said. They do not cover much .. her pale hair stood out on both sides. It might be smart just bouncing the hair so the pants can cover them, I said. Jae.e. maybe she replied. I will not help you, I said. Mia was completely red in her head. You may have answered that. I asked her to go to the bathroom. Stand here, I hugged her, found the scissors and began to cut the hairs outside the bikini line. Took a little out of the trunk and cut it closer. Take off my pants, I said. Then it will be much nicer. Mia did what I asked for, the panties smoke and I cut her hair off so the bikini line became somewhat slanted. I split her legs a bit, so I could cut along her pals. Should I not bounce all the long hair, it will be much nicer, I asked. Yes, Mia

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answered. So sit right on the toilet and spread my legs so I can easily get to. I cut my hair quite closely now, pulled a little into the hairs on my lips and cut them off, now it was looking nice. I just take my scraper and remove the little hair around the edge, I said. Mia just nodded, could not say anything. It was rumbling in my pussy – it had become very wet now, so I hugged my thighs tightly, it gave a nice feeling, I was totally blown. I started rinsing Mias’s pussy with lukewarm water, so I took my perfumed soap and shaving cream, and then I started soaking her pussy, it was completely white of foam, I used the diet a little more than necessary, especially over her clit, it gave a set to her when I touched the dandruff. Oh sorry I said, It does not matter whispering Mia. You might like it? Jaee. she answered, when I left the diet from the end between the lips up over the dandruff and up to the stomach. Then I took the scraper and removed the hair on my lips, thereby I pressed her dandruff and lips, I could feel she was getting wet, so I hurried to scratch all the hair on my lips to the numb hole and up my thighs, then I took the shower and flushed after, so you might notice if there is something that bothering me, I said. That’s not what she whispered without looking after. Then I feel, I said, and began to notice the lips all the way down to the numbhole, I let my fingers slip on each of his pussy lips and touched her dandruff with my long man, the dirt was tough and it gave a set to her and her moaned softly. Now you are much nicer, I said, taking a mirror Male SexI was lying and holding it so she could see her pussy. I held the mirror, asked her to look at it, took her right hand down so she could feel. Does not it look great Mia I said with the voice of the voice .. I did whisper whispered. Then we must see and go to bed, I said, taking her hand to bed. I turned off the big light so that only the night light was on. Mia lay next to me. Do not you ever mind when you go to bed, she asked. No, I like to lie naked in bed. Do you usually have anything? yes nightgown or pajamas and always panties. I have not had since I was – I said, and I enjoy lying like that. Do you not ? and took her hand in to the bed. I turned off the big light so that only the night light was on. Mia lay next to me. Do not you ever mind when you go to bed, she asked. No, I like to lie naked in bed. Do you usually have anything? yes nightgown or pajamas and always panties. I have not had since I was – I said, and I enjoy lying like that. Do you not ? and took her hand in to the bed. I turned off the big light so that only the night light was on. Mia lay next to me. Do not you ever mind when you go to bed, she asked. No, I like to lie naked in bed. Do you usually have anything? yes nightgown or pajamas and always panties. I have not had since I was – I said, and I enjoy lying like that. Do you not ?

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Joe, it’s very nice, it’s not that often I’ve tried it. Do you have a boyfriend, she asked. No, not at the moment, I have to manage myself. What do you mean, she asked. Yes, satisfy myself, do you have one to do it for you? Next, I’ve never been with anyone. Then you will also satisfy yourself

even? Once in a while, it’s not quite often. Do not you like it? Yes, but I think it’s hard. Did you like when I shaved you and felt how it had become? It was really nice. Should I try to notice you again? I want to. Well, you have to … I took the duvet of us, began to take Mia on the breasts, they stood like two bullets and the warts were tough as stones. Can I try to lick on them? Yes, she groaned. I sighed and licked her warts and played with her navel, put her hand between her thighs and the caressed inner thigh up to the groin. I was so horny now, I could feel it sailing between my legs. Sitting on the other chest and wart. Mia moaned high now ,, Ohhh that’s so nice …… she groaned. I put my hand on the hook, played her dumb with my index finger, she was also good wet now .., I kissed my way down to the fish, I spread her legs and put me between them, so I could really kiss and lick her dune and pussy. Uhmmmm she tasted nice ,,, the dirt was tough, I sighed and licked it, played the pussy opening with my forefinger. Mia moaned high now. I made the dirt … played in the pussy opening, in between I stabbed my finger in and out again, she was very narrow. Mia moaned ohh yesaa .. started making joint movements with her abdomen. I held her on my stomach with the other hand pulled up a little bit, so the dumble came straight forward, and then I worked on the dirt with my tongue. Mia was in ecstasy, I pushed 2 fingers into her and moved them in and out, Mia groaned almost every time I stabbed my fingers in and out. I bed in the dirt with my lips and Mia excited in a bow screamed … oh haha ….. and then she came up with an orgasm that took her breath away, she fell completely, had gone out like a light. I got up next to her and kissed her on my mouth, but Mia was completely done. It only took a moment to sleep safely. I was still horny, I took my little suitcase off with my toy, found a dildo and started playing with myself, I drove the dildo out of my pussy, but I played with a finger on the cliff, uhhhhaaa it was nice, It did not take long before I got into a beautiful orgasm. I also fell asleep immediately. but Mia was completely done. It only took a moment to sleep safely. I was still horny, I took my little suitcase off with my toy, found a dildo and started playing with myself, I drove the dildo out of my pussy, but I played with a finger on the cliff, uhhhhaaa it was nice, It did not take long before I got into a beautiful orgasm. I also fell asleep immediately. but Mia was completely done. It only took a moment to sleep safely. I was still horny, I took my little suitcase off with my toy, found a dildo and started playing with myself, I drove the dildo out of my pussy, but I played with a finger on the cliff, uhhhhaaa it was nice, It did not take long before I got into a beautiful orgasm. I also fell asleep immediately.

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I woke up by the time, had completely forgot Mia, she still slept, I pulled the quilt of us so I could see her lying on the side with her back to me, I caressed her nose, massage the buttocks, she stood still, let me do it. I became brave, let my fingers slide down to the groove, the roar softly softened, it gave life to be hard, Mia sighed uhm …… that’s nice. I could feel she was getting wet. I asked her to lie on her back, I was immediately over her breasts, licking the warts that were already hard, I sighed, bed gently in them licking them with their tongue. Uhmmm … Mia moaned. I took her hands and put them on her breasts, hug them a little, I said. Mia started hugging her breasts, I layed between her legs and began to lick her dandruff, At the same time I found my dildo from tonight. Mia was very wet now, so when I put the dildo on her pussy, it slipped easily, I only had the front of the dill head inside, so I turned it on and it started spinning. Mia moaned higher, she enjoyed it completely. I licked the dune more intense while pushing the dildo further into her. Ohhh …. Mia laughed, more ……. ohh … yes …. I realized there would not be a long time before she arrived, so I increased the pace of the dildo and licked hard and softly alternately on the cliff. Year …. Mia moaned and the orgasm rolled over her, she excited in a bowl Jaaaeee ……. she screamed loudly after which she completely relaxed. It was nice she said. Now it’s my turn I said and set me up over her so my pussy was over her left chest and wart, I played my chest with my pussy, drove it over it, oh …. yes .. it was nice, my dandruff was hard and needed touch so I climbed up and sat over Mias head .. ohh like that me Mia, I moaned. Mia raised her tongue forward and tasted on me, but I was so horny that it was not Men Sex  enough, so I pushed my pussy down her mouth. Ohhh. . yes .. and made mergers over her mouth. Mia started licking me, ohh ….. it was heavenly, I sipped my nipples, Mia licked lighter and began to massage my buttocks ….. Yeah … goodbye and I koooommm. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. my dandruff was hard and needed touch so I climbed up and sat over Mama’s head. Ohh, HOW ME Mia, I moaned. Mia raised her tongue forward and tasted on me, but I was so horny that it was not enough, so I pushed my pussy down her mouth. Ohhh. . yes .. and made mergers over her mouth. Mia started licking me, ohh ….. it was heavenly, I sipped my nipples, Mia licked lighter and began to massage my buttocks ….. Yeah … goodbye and I koooommm. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. my dandruff was hard and needed touch so I climbed up and sat over Mama’s head. Ohh, HOW ME Mia, I moaned. Mia raised her tongue forward and tasted on me, but I was so horny that it was not enough, so I pushed my pussy down her mouth. Ohhh. . yes .. and made mergers over her mouth. Mia started licking me, ohh ….. it was heavenly, I sipped my nipples, Mia licked lighter and began to massage my buttocks ….. Yeah … goodbye and I koooommm. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. but I was so horny that it was not enough, so I pushed my pussy down over her mouth. Ohhh. . yes .. and made mergers over her mouth. Mia started licking me, ohh ….. it was heavenly, I sipped my nipples, Mia licked lighter and began to massage my buttocks ….. Yeah … goodbye and I koooommm. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. but I was so horny that it was not enough, so I pushed my pussy down over her mouth. Ohhh. . yes .. and made mergers over her mouth. Mia started licking me, ohh ….. it was heavenly, I sipped my nipples, Mia licked lighter and began to massage my buttocks ….. Yeah … goodbye and I koooommm. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone at all ……. Afterwards we went to bed and agreed that we should try this several times. It would have been nice for us both. By the way, it was the first time Mia was with anyone.

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As a shadow, the air slipped through the soft Tube galore dark blue evening air. She sat looking out of the little window just in front of the wing. As the machine hurried a little, she could see a magnificent panorama. The towns of the city lay under her. In all its splendor, with its seats and long-lit avenues. It had always fascinated her much to see a big city from the air. It was no bigger up here than you could hide it with your hands. It seemed as though you could just pull out your hand and pick it up.
On the way to the street for the customs clearance, she passed a big mirror. Monica stopped to fix her hair. She looked around, there was nobody else after them. She raised a little up in the skirt and straightened on the socks. She could not help considering herself as she stood there. She saw an adult woman without panties with a pair of suitably wide hips that they were echoed. She looked briefly at her tattoo. “Not so crazy,” she thought. Once again she became a bit surprised that she dared to act in that way.
As she stood looking at her own mirror image, she felt considered, but could not make it fit. – “I am the last one who left the Arrival Hall, there is nobody behind me”. She put the thought on her mind.
– “Something they want to declare Madame.” The tolder spoke English to her. Behind him stood a female customs officer and saw her directly in the eyes.
– “No”. Replied Monica. She felt a little mad at the way the woman almost stared at her.
Suddenly she went to his colleague and whispered something in his ear.
“Would they be kind enough to open their suitcase?” The customs officer pointed at Monica’s suitcase.
She lifted it up on the counter and opened it.
He roared a little in it and found nothing that could harm Monica. However, she could not help feeling unhappy that a stranger rooted in her most private possessions.
– “Would they be kind enough to accompany further investigation!” It was the woman who spoke. She looked directly into the eyes of Monica with a pair of very black eyes radiating a will and personality that was not used to being told.
-“But…………?” Monica looked around for help or someone who could give her an explanation.
“What’s wrong …………” She felt panic.

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The woman came to her and led her without a word in a door.
On the other side of the door, Monica saw why she had felt spying The mirror she had crossed in the Arrival Hall was a mirrored mirror.
“” The lead guy, she just stood and glowed while I stood there and mirrored myself ”
Now she was both angry and embarrassed at one time, but she also felt a strange spin in the body, something was annoying about the situation. The woman had guaranteed her standing and lifting up the skirt and seeing it all.
– “Why does this happen to me ……… ..?” Monica felt the pressure, but now she was reasonably well. She looked at the female customs officer. She was not very tall less than herself. She had a cold-rolled back hair that ended in a knot in her neck. She seemed a little hard-pumped, with an upset stomach that bumped slightly into her tight knee-skinned skirt. Her large breasts were lifted high into the uniform shirt, which was attached a name tag “Madame Fortescue,” it said on the sign. The woman had tried to compensate for his height with a pair of high shoes, at the end of the strong but shapely legs.
Monica had to go with her. She had a gentle but firm grip on her right upper arm.
The woman pointed towards a door to the right of them. She pulled a key bundle and locked the door.
“Entre vous, Madame” She looked challenging but definitely on Monica. “If you would like to take off your clothes”. The woman was turned into a bad english.
– “They can put it there”. She pointed at a chair in a corner while blinking at Monica. She turned and walked out of the door.
Monica heard that the key was turned in the lock.
– “I’ll never do it again …………”. Thought Monica. “What do I do ……….? My pants are in the suitcase. Conversely, I have been revealed by the mirrored mirror …… .. But there was something about the woman’s gaze and smile when she left the room.”
Monica began to take off her clothes. When she finished, she only wore her stockings and shoes. She had never felt so naked yet a little stubborn.
– “You are crazy wife ………… Do not you have challenged fate seriously this time ……?” But there was something that was exciting about the situation. She looked around in the room. It was tacky compared to the very elegant airport. The concrete walls alone were painted sunny and you could see the concrete structure through the paint. It was cold, she shook a little and noticed how her nipples stiffened. But she sex toys could not determine if it was because of the cold or the whole situation. In the middle of the room stood an old table with a couple of chairs beside the chair in the corner she had used for her clothes. Along one wing stood something about a battlefield over which a blanket and a pair of pillows were laid.
Monica tried to cover her bare shot when she heard the key in the lock.
The female customs officer came in the door. She looked at Monica with a very specific look
– “Stand up the wall ……… With your back here against me and put your hands on the wall …… .. over your head!” The voice was very commanding.
She turned and put her hands on the wall over her head. She seemed to hear that the other woman was a little shaking in her voice. She had also noticed a light redness in her face.
“We’ll see my fuss. If you just want to play you might have come to the right one.” Monica and shot his heart into life.
The woman carefully examined Monica’s clothes without finding anything suspicious. She came behind Monica and stood close to her.
– “Please put them with scattered legs; Madame. “The woman’s voice shook a lot now.
Monica scattered his legs a bit, but not too much.
– “More!” The woman clasped easily into the inside of Monica’s thighs and she spread her legs further.
What happened now Monica was sure was NOT in some French rules for body search.
The woman looked gently and almost caressed, her palms slipped up from Monica’s right leg to the lace of the stocking. She felt her fingertips just over the stocking and sensed how a heat and a shake spread in her body. When the woman repeated the same movement over her left leg, just slower and more caressing, Monica was no doubt. She wanted to play.
Slowly she shot her back behind and she heard the other woman’s breathing getting hotter. Now she noticed a couple of investigating hands on her balls and began to spread herself all the way up her back. Slowly slid her hands down over her balls and down on the upper part of her thighs.

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Monica could not help giving a gasp while
shaking her body heavily. The woman’s hands became more curious in their search. Monica felt a pressure from the woman’s abdomen on one ball. Slowly, almost In slow motion, she let two fingers slide up to Monica’s lapel and let them slide gently back and forth on the outside.
“” I’m crazy …… that I let it happen … .. But I can not stop now! “.
– “Yeah”. Monica gasped as she noticed the other woman’s fingers between her legs and shot her back to the back so she almost stood at an angle. She felt how her pains were slowly and gently separated and sensed how all senses were awakened. She got goose skin all over her body. As an electric shock, Monica felt how her clitoris was taken under the treatment of a few demanding but sensitive fingers. She heard a gasp that passed into a depressed moan when the woman noticed her piercing over the sources.
“May I turn around now.” Monica got the words in English as she felt a waving heat, spread to her lap. If the woman stopped now, she would come ……… but it was too early. so backwards, between his one arm and his upper body, the woman had pulled her skirt slightly up and caressed herself.
She grabbed Monica’s upper arm and slowly turned her around so they stood opposite each other.
Monica looked into a couple of bright eyes. They seemed a little veiled and the mouth of the woman was easily open while she was breathing in a stacious rhythm. She saw how her rapid breathing caused her chest to further tighten her uniform shirt. Her nipples shrieked violently against her.
As they stood and looked into each other, they agreed, without words, that this could continue. The only sound in the room came from their breathing and the air conditioning’s hypnotic sum. Slowly, Monica’s hands slipped into the women’s breasts. She convoluted them and felt their fullness and weighed through the thin fabric of the shirt. Her long fingers slipped caressingly over them and noticed how the nipples pressed against her palm.
– “Oui” …… The woman threw her neck backwards as she moaned loudly. Monica gently opened the button’s buttons as she Pussy Galore looked deep into her eyes. She pulled the shirt’s fales apart, and saw a pair of heavy breasts that were held up by a black corsage with almost transparent half-shells.

Monica noticed how the woman’s hands slipped over her back and up to her hair. The half-long hair was gathered tight in the woman’s hand. Slowly, her head pushed down against one breast. When her lips were out of the nipple she felt a slight scent of Chanel. She let her tongue play against her nipple through the strained fabric and noticed how it grew further under her caresses. Your joint excitement went further. She let a hand slide down over the vaulted lower body to the woman’s lap. Her fingers slid under the trusses and she felt that she was completely slippery like herself.
“Ohh …….” Monica groaned with excitement when she felt the heat and moisture from her. She felt how the woman spread her thighs so she could better get to. She was very moist.
– “Yes …… Get lost”. The woman moaned, in a mixture of French and English, while her lower body began to move rhythmically back and forth over Monica’s fingers. Monica noticed how the woman’s nipple grew between the lips. She slid it gently with her teeth while her tongue moved in a still wilder dance over it.
Suddenly the woman pulled back one step.
She pulled Monica’s face close to her.

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“Maybe it was not what you figured when you traveled to Paris …… .. But you have tempted me too much. ……… Come along here … DISS!” Her voice was courageous and commanding it was as if she had become more confident in their tacit agreement. She gently pulled Monica with her to the table in the middle of the room without dropping her hair. The woman sat up on the table and pulled Monica’s mouth up to her. Monica closed his eyes and let time and place do not matter. She noticed how the woman carefully put her in the lower lip, then letting her tongue slide in between her lips and she caught the searching tongue with her. Monica noticed how the woman’s fingers slipped caressfully over her belly skin, her nails scratched easily and tearfully. Her abdominal muscles contracted in delightful cramps. She let her hands glide off the woman’s strong thighs and sensed the heat from them. When they reached the woman’s shot, she moaned into Monica’s mouth high. She let her thumbs separate the swollen lips, while her one index finger slipped around the sources. She finished the kiss with a suppressed moan and laid her lips and tongues, pulling a damp slit down to the woman’s throat. She made her heavy play until she heard an increasing moan. With excessive slowness, her lips continued, with a damp trail down over the chest until they were again out of the breasts. She let one hand slide over the woman’s belly skin while she put her nails easily. She put her hand to the bowl of the bra and pulled it down, so the heavy chest almost fell toward her. When they reached the woman’s shot, she moaned into Monica’s mouth high. She let her thumbs separate the swollen lips, while her one index finger slipped around the sources. She finished the kiss with a Tube galore suppressed moan and laid her lips and tongues, pulling a damp slit down to the woman’s throat. She made her heavy play until she heard an increasing moan. With excessive slowness, her lips continued, with a damp trail down over the chest until they were again out of the breasts. She let one hand slide over the woman’s belly skin while she put her nails easily. She put her hand to the bowl of the bra and pulled it down, so the heavy chest almost fell toward her. When they reached the woman’s shot, she moaned into Monica’s mouth high. She let her thumbs separate the swollen lips, while her one index finger slipped around the sources. She finished the kiss with a suppressed moan and laid her lips and tongues, pulling a damp slit down to the woman’s throat. She made her heavy play until she heard an increasing moan. With excessive slowness, her lips continued, with a damp trail down over the chest until they were again out of the breasts. She let one hand slide over the woman’s belly skin while she put her nails easily. She put her hand to the bowl of the bra and pulled it down, so the heavy chest almost fell toward her. She finished the kiss with a suppressed moan and laid her lips and tongues, pulling a damp slit down to the woman’s throat. She made her heavy play until she heard an increasing moan. With excessive slowness, her lips continued, with a damp trail down over the chest until they were again out of the breasts. She let one hand slide over the woman’s belly skin while she put her nails easily. She put her hand to the bowl of the bra and pulled it down, so the heavy chest almost fell toward her. She finished the kiss with a suppressed moan and laid her lips and tongues, pulling a damp slit down to the woman’s throat. She made her heavy play until she heard an increasing moan. With excessive slowness, her lips continued, with a damp trail down over the chest until they were again out of the breasts. She let one hand slide over the woman’s belly skin while she put her nails easily. She put her hand to the bowl of the bra and pulled it down, so the heavy chest almost fell toward her.
Slowly, she let the tongue circle about the nipple-colored wreath of the nipple and noticed how it strangely contracted to shoot the nipple against her lips. The woman moaned higher and threw her head behind while pushing Monica’s head against the hot breast. Monica found out that she could keep the woman on the verge of an orgasm at all times, turning her on her nipples on and off, only with the tongue and little nap with the front teeth. Her fingers worked the woman’s sources with a fairly easy touch and slowly forgot her time and place.

Monica sensed the woman’s hands pushed her head down in a tender way. Her lips continued down over the woman’s belly skin. Monica got associations about a Ruben painting she had ever seen. The beautiful figure of the painting, radiated desire and mystery, and had worked hard on her. Her lips and tongues slid further down to the woman’s lap for eventually ending with her hot and moist lump. Monica stabbed her tongue against the woman’s clitoris.
She felt a hand on her shoulder.
– “We land for a moment my treasure.” Frank’s mouth was right next to her ear.
Monica woke up a little bit, did not know where she was. She discovered that her tongue tip was slightly outside the lips Tube galore.
– “Did you dream?”. Frank looked at her. He could see that she was blushing a bit and that she looked a bit disoriented.
– “Yes, I Did Know”. She sighed deeply and wished the flight had lasted only 10 minutes. “And just wait till you hear what I dreamed.”

“My Ladies and Gentlemen. About approx. 10 minutes we arrive in Paris Orly. Please take a seat and tighten your seat belt. “Monica slipped slowly from his dream world when the soft and comfortable voice announced their arrival over the cabin speakers.
” I’m looking forward to landing, “he leaned toward her and whispered her the ear. Monica noticed Frank’s hand on his knee. He gave her a little hug as he let her hand slide slightly up her thighs.
She could feel how the heat spread from her cheeks and down the neck as he let a finger slide over the lace edge of the stocking. Caressing, he let it slide quickly over her thighs, just up to her lap.
“I do too,” her voice was a little blurred with excitement Ever since she went home from India, she had a tacit agreement that she had no panties when they flew. “” Now, I hope my contact person is in reception when we land “.
She had been sent to Paris to negotiate an advertising contract with a French company and she would be picked up at the airport by a Monsieur Armand. She had agreed with her manager that she could take Frank with him for a week.

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Frank leaned to the side and gave her a kiss on the cheek. As she sat in the soft light in the cabin, he once again thought about how much he loved her. She was able to get him up and running the man in him. She could both be naughty and lead at the same time. He thought of her small number at the airport’s perfumery before booting the machine. They had strolled along the shops and looked at the committee as Monica tells him that she wants to see if she can find a good perfume. Slowly they walk around the shelves as she finds a perfume. She took it from the shelf and turned
off the lid and scented it. She dashed a little on the inside of her wrist and shook his hand.
“Uhm,” she said, “scent.” She stretched her hand to him, it smelled a little spicy and floral.
“Nice, I think you should take.” He took her hand and kissed it lightly while he saw her in the eye. He could see something happening with her gaze. Monica slowly began to screw the stopper on the bottle. She fumbled a little and lost it. As she bent down after it, she slipped while she caught his gaze. Slowly she let her hand slide over her knee and pulled the skirt aside so she shoved her lap, letting her tongue slide over her lips as if she betrayed them. Her right hand index finger slipped to her mouth and she silently silenced him.
– “It’s a lie.” Frank thought “What if someone gets there?” There were a lot of people in the store. He felt paralyzed by the sight but also greatly upset. She let her left hand slide all the way to her lap and let two fingers separate her lips while she still saw him galore tube directly in the eyes. He saw his own wife sitting in a public place with scattered legs and showing him his slippery lap. Frank could see her sham lips shine lightly, he felt the heat spread throughout his lower body and felt how he became violently stubborn.
With a smile, Monica got up and let the skirt slide in place. The whole action might have lasted for 15 seconds, but Frank felt it had lasted forever.
“Should we go up and pay?” Monica took his hand smiling.
At checkout they paid for the perfume. Frank could see that Monica was lighter red in her face, she was excitedly almost horny.
Hand in hand, they followed the last road to the departure hall.
It made a light bump in the big machine as Tube galore its wheels hit the runway. It continued at high speed along the runway. Monica noticed the heat spread in her body and how her threatless end slipped easily over the seat and skirt fabric while the seat belt gently tauted her belly when the white silver bird began to slow down galore tube.
The machine taxied slowly towards the arrivals hall and she wondered at the incredible knowing that such a large lump of metal and electronics could bring them safely from place to place.

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The light with “FIXED SEATBELTS” turned off while the machine stopped with a little dust.
Slowly the other passengers got out of their seats and began to scratch eagerly as if it was a relief that the landing had gone well. Within the next half minute Everyone had their hand luggage down from the small cabinets above the seats.
As they got out of the machine, the air was hot and dry. The noise of the big planes was deafening and everyone hurried into the bus to drive them to the Arrivals Hall.
The Arrival Hall was a myriad of people. Monica always had the most of flying with regular flights, it gave a difference in the composition of the people, which was more exciting. Frank and she had made it a little play when they waited for the luggage at the conveyor belt to guess who the different passengers were. There was the little fat man in the badly-seated suit, with the smelly cigar who had “overlooked” the sign of smoking ban.
“” Who do you think she is? Frank’s eyes fell on a woman at the end of the thirties while he whispered out through one mouth.
Monica followed his eyes across the hall. She saw a tall ash-lady in a tight blue Coco Chanel suit with a very short skirt. Monica especially noted the beautiful and proud attitude of the woman. Self-confidence shone out of her. She was right in the back, and despite her height, she had a pair of very high still shoes. There was something special about her vibrant blue-green eyes that worked very intensely.
“She’s probably a rich woman who’s on his way to visiting her” Latin Laws “…… He’s standing waiting for her in the Arrivals Hall.” Whispered Monica with a smile to him.
As the woman turned around to take her suitcase, they could both see the thin line that stretched out her socks, galore tube  from her ankle up over her leg and onwards by a pair of well-formed thighs to disappear under the skirt of the skirt. They felt both taken care of by the woman when she took her big suitcase, as if it were only a light handbag, and strolled towards the exit.
As their two suitcases came into the hall, they hurried to take them and head toward the exit.
Monica could not help passing a large mirror with detained breath.
– “What’s that little treasure”? Frank could see that there was something that attracted Monica’s attention.
“Nothing right now. You can always tell.” She looked at him with a crooked smile.
She straightened her hair and her stockings. However, she failed to lift more into the skirt than necessary.

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