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It was New Year’s Eve. I accepted a ban and did not know quite a few of the others. My table lady was a little lively woman in the early thirties. Short dark hair, smiling eyes, tedious, gray walking suit, but not completely able to hide a well-developed bowel. We chewed politely and tried to peer into each other with the usual chats. She was named Kari and was in the last part of the doctoral program and entertained with stories from the hospital world, and I told her about my work with trotters on the other side of the strait. We went astonishingly well, and as the party became more and more loud, we were forced to lean close to eachother to converse. I tried to keep her eyes off her cavalry, which was constantly moving around in my immediate field of view.
“What are you doing when you’re not running or joking in the barns?” she asked.
“With such expensive horses, breeding is an important part,” I explained.
“And the breeding work, what exactly does it consist of?”
“Well,” I drive around the country with the stallion and hold it. We actually earn more than the prizes. ”
” Keeps it up? “How are you doing?” She smiled badly
I got a little red in her cheeks.
“Well … you know .. brings the stallion to a willing jump … helps with the mating.”
She raised the questioning eyebrows
“helping to ..?” She obviously bored me. I leaned over her, my mouth just outside her ear, and looking straight down between her breasts.

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adult sex toys
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“Putting the stallion in place” I whispered and grabbed her knees under the table.
She was angry with her grip and her breasts rocked. None of us tried to hide how excited we were. It was not necessary either. Around us, the company was at the boiling point, the music dunked and the first guests had already gone to the boards. No one noticed us.
Under the table our hands worked frantically. Kari opened my routine routine and fished my stiff cock. My hand slid up between her thighs for a pair of moist pants. She lifted her face to me, and for a moment we dived into each other’s eyes while our hands were discovered …
Her fingers were strong and cool, her grip on her dick determined and tight. She slowly pushed her hand up and down in a firm grip, so the skin rolled in her palms and the dick swelled.
“Well, my little stallion, what will you do now?” she whispered.
I threw a quick glance around in the dark room. The remnants from the meal were not cleared by the table, and those guests who did not sway close around the dance floor roared each other in the hooks.
It was clear that the party was changing its character.
I made a quick decision. With both hands I grabbed in reverse on Karis walking suit and moved to. The buttons fluttered off the floor, and for a moment she was stunned in her black bra, before I had yet another quick rifle tipped her breasts free. Instinctively, she slipped my cock and tried to cover my hands, but I held them in a grip of iron, and could finally take a look at the breasts that had irritated me all night. The babe who had just moved down lifted them almost even more and gave her dark brown fleshy nipples to stiffen. Kari tried desperately to twist herself, but achieved nothing but her big breasts waved wildly from side to side. I stared like hypnotized.
“It looks really good! Do we have to join?” One of the pairs on the dance floor had caught sight of what was happening and came to us, still close-knit. I looked up without kidding Kari.
He was tall, broad-shouldered and clearly sport-trained, with dark curly hair and beard stubble. She is a little light-haired fitness type with blue eyes and a little boy’s look.
I nodded. They presented themselves. Carl and Ina. Kari stopped fighting against her eyes and burning cheeks.

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Karl and Ina moved all the way up behind her, and I slowly slipped her hands. We bent all three over her. Ina, who stood behind her, straightened down and removed her bra. Karis breasts sank a little down and out until my hands closed about them. I could feel her nipples getting hard.
The sound of Carls zipper that was slowly pulled down right next to her face finally caused her to open her eyes.
Carl’s dick was the closest I had seen to a stallion, – tall and thick like a wrist, with a shiny, floral-shaped headhead, which seemed to make Kari struggling over. But Ina had a different opinion. With a firm grip, she turned Kari’s head toward her boyfriend, who impatiently began to mash the dick against her lips. For a moment she resisted, so she slowly opened up and let the headhead slip in. Ina kept holding her face.
What then followed most resembled a rape except that the “victim” was clearly excited.
Ina never let go of Kari, but cared with the other hand on Carls’s stomach for not getting too fierce. It all went so fast that I was still sitting with Karis breasts in her hands when Carl after a series of short shocks grinnantly filled her mouth. And Kari opened his eyes and tried to swallow the cool sperm of sperm that drove down over her garden and dropped on my hands.
Then it was over and Carl lighted up, but none of us ate him. For now Ina bent lovingly over Kari and the two women began to kiss. Slowly and pleasantly, with wide open mouths and faces gleaming with saliva and sperm.

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I suddenly became acutely aware of my own condition. There I sat alone and angry. Carl apparently had what he needed and disappeared towards the bar, and the two women in front of me obviously had each other. Around me in the midst of darkness, the party obviously turned into a definite orgy with the moan, grit, and some small screams. Everyone apparently was taken by their own and there was no need to stay back. With a single sweeping movement, I cleared the table where we sat and broke the two women’s kisses brutally.

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