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She used to go to the Camilla box as far as possible. Of course it was not always she sat at the box, so I had to settle. Camilla was 18-20 years old, slightly cautious gender type with a measured smile. Not a lot of redundant remarks came from the little sparkling blonde. Thin limbs and small breasts. Really petite, I had many cheeky fantasies in the queue. Occasionally the hair became colored, dark with stripes or dark stripes in the lace. However, there was not much that she could think she was a pretty ordinary girl. I did not know her at all, but the nameplate told me her first name.
I’m also quite ordinary, so she did not notice me. Perhaps ideally she was free from the attention of him the strange nerded half-timbered man.

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best sex toys

It might have happened if it was not because I accidentally discovered that Camilla lived in the block. I saw her walking up the path from the bicycle parking a half-dark evening. I noticed the upswing she entered. She did not see me, or she ignored me as usual.
A few days later, I realized that I had to expand my horizon. I found my old birdwatcher from the bottom of the closet, put it on the stand and let the blinds just out. In the shelter of winter darkness I put on a jazz record and let me entertain the view from the bedroom. She had to live over there. I inspected the many windows that could be explained. I quickly found the right window. She lived a good place for the binoculars and I made me believe. And I fought every day at Camilla. I could see her sofa, pc table and the door next to the hallway. It became my hobby and I quickly began to keep a record. I had installed myself with a comfortable chair. Chips and coke (purchased from Camilla).
I quit my tv package and went down on a cheaper and slower broadband connection. All available moments were used in front of Camilla’s curtainless window. I could get out of the excitement. Did she throw her blouse today, did she wear pants or what was better? . Even though her body was ordinary, it was still intoxicating to look. I was soon used to see her in next to nothing. It was exhilarating and I could play the cock for hours for the glimpse of her intimacy.

best sex toys
best sex toys

If she was not home, I searched around the various windows and soon learned which of them happened. It never became the same as Camilla, Camilla was my girl.
I wrote today’s experiences in a blog on WordPress, exclusively to myself. If others would like to read, it was ok. I do not think there was any, I never got feedback. I created a fake profile on facebook, found her profile after a long search and I followed her updates. I would possess her life, knowing each secret. Considered strongly trying to hack her broadband just to spy on her.
I discovered she had a wash day. She dragged a heavy laundry basket out of the door. I waited until she’d been there 2nd time. I went out of the door to her block into the basement, the tumble door flared up and looked at her clothes. I was loud and horny. There was no one in the basement. I just had to get triggered. The sight of her little pants mixed with all the other clothes. I grabbed two pairs of pants, well worn and a well-used night tshirt. Steal it I started playing a dick and in a few minutes I sprayed a big charge into the wet laundry. I breathed relieved. The voltage was triggered. I went over to my base. I continued my pursuit of relics and soon got a whole collection. Who misses an old tshirt who knows their number of pants. I always took some of them that looked the oldest. They had also been close to her pussy most times. My biggest relic was a blonde bra. She participated in a few of my favorite recordings.
I had acquired a camcorder with a powerful zoom. Her large room window could fill about a tenth of the image, so it was not just a closeup, but it was satisfactory yet. Worth saving. I had fixed the camera to the windowshade and started a photo archive on the blog. The really nice noble moments I saved myself though. Nervous pictures of the god, masturbation on the sofa for dirty dancing (or what she saw now)
I tried a telex from ebay. The picture did not get better, but the redundant was cut off. I soon had dozens of small clips and screenshots. Most of my favorite, but there were also a few acceptable alternatives on the other occasions.
One day I was incredibly lucky. I was free, I think it was between Christmas and New Year. I usually looked straight over, on holiday days. The binoculars always stood by the window so it was easy. The television went over there. Camilla walked around the apartment with the mobile phone. Decided to knock me down at the blinds. She had recently started chatting a lot and for a while she had done a little extra of the preparation. She often spoke on the phone, which was shown to be a boyfriend in the water. And this day he should obviously visit her. She walked around in a small top and cleaned. She heard music because she was dancing all day. I was excited about the excitement. I had recorded a couple of good dance sequences for the blog.
She got a visit. They sat for a while and worshiped the couch. Good enough sad to look at others who talk together. But gradually they sat closer together. For a long time they sat and kissed. I got the feeling that it was an old ex or fwb, they obviously knew each other. His hand was well below her top. Her hand was eagerly working in his open jeans. Yes, Camilla died. He got up and threw his pants, there was no room in them anymore. My video was running in the best quality. My hand handled my monster steer. This had to be the highlight. It was still daylight so they did not think of the missing curtains.

best sex toys
best sex toys

She massage his pretty big cock, her tongue played with him. It had to happen, she shifted her position, bent down, opened his mouth and closed his lips about his cock. I had hung a pair of white gstrengstrusser (I had stolen them last time) over my dick and I filed loose with baby oil. She gave him the whole trip, licking both the noses and the shaft. Mouth heavy like just heck. I gave the doll a little extra baby oil and rubbed my head with my fingertips. Imagine it was her mouth.
He obviously needed her suction, it did not take long before he could take a break. The voltage was too high. She threw the clothes (yes, video! I thought). He used his fingers eagerly in her guaranteed tassel-driving pussy as she stood angry in front of him. She moaned distantly. He began to lick her. She was still standing up. She enjoyed it in full and held her head carefully. She obviously penetrated a prime needle. The view was nice from my window. He hugged herself on her little breasts. She shook short of excitement. Nice recording to the private archive.
They had a good time, she licked him a little again. I filed loose. The sparrow ran out of my mouth. She lay on her back. He threw the last clothes and she caressed recognizing his well-trained body. He held her ass tight. Get ready to taste her pussy again. She joked a refusal. Drilling held him back, but he was stronger. He held her in a firm grip and licked her eagerly. Within a long time she was completely lost in ecstasy. I thanked them for choosing the sofa for their innocent play. I almost blushed their naughty doctor. She got a clear orgasm. But he continued the lice and she got a small series of cramping orgasms.
He put his strong body inward of her dandruff, she willingly spread her thin legs and wept vigorously against his stiff cock. He started slowly, she was lying on the couch. His nice trained ass works well with the drill. She was completely away from his work, she long enjoyed his slow hug. I got a brilliant video, of his excited balls that ruled the stiff javer massaging up in her narrow depth. The shifted position, he was wearing a tough hard cock. Hold a stick he had! She gave him a couple of quick candies, just to taste herself. She hugged herself against him and slid down his raised pride. She sat with her face facing the window, I could enjoy her desperate face and the sweeping movements of the little sweet sweaty breasts. He had a good view of her working ass. I saw that he licked his fingers and put a finger up at her end. It worked fine, after a few seconds she came in a loud orgasm while hugging her teats. .
They lay a little and talked together afterwards. He was still tough, she nodded his hard cock. She got up and left the living room. Shortly after, she came back with a tube, which was a kind of lubrication. She put him a minute’s money and lay on his stomach with his knees on the floor over a puff. She had the face against the window again. I followed his job of lubricating her ass. She cheated a little for each finger that smelt extra. I concentrated on her facial expressions. She enjoyed the unpleasant naughty work he did with his unblocking fingers.
She smiled expectantly when he removed his fingers. He lubricated his cock and tried to try and enter her. I followed each other in her facial features. A horny smile spread on her pretty face. I started to file loose on my neglected erection. Shut up where was it funny Her pain could be read in the smiling face. He was at the bottom and he carefully tried to rob her, just in the untested star. It should just be lubricated a little after. But soon, it went more geline. The painful expression became more enjoyable.

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I enjoyed the young young body’s unfolds for a long time. Powerful sex recorded on video. I felt like I was about to come. I was pretty sore after the hourly masturbation and decided to let it come. Relax the binoculars and grabbed my wallet. I felt Rnidetis was on my way. The clear liquid covered the pisrevins. I quickly looked at the binoculars, no development. With the sight of her anal-eyed body on the retina, I came in a proper load in my hand. I fell together. Thank you Camilla.
A quick look. Their movements were now warmer. The sore had to come to them too. His orgasm was clear in the face. She looked back at him and received his sperm in the ass. He squeezed deeply into her and her ass angry him for the last drops. The strong young man collapsed like a wet cloth. They laughed a bit, trying to hold onto the running fluids from the used body openings. They left the living room, undoubtedly to go to bed. I left my binoculars, my faded hand needed a sink.
I just returned to the binoculars a little later, but I did not see that day anymore. They just lay on the couch and relaxed.
She often visited the loverboy. If they were as active in the bedroom as in the living room, then I say thank you for coffee. She radiated more behind the box every time I went shopping, I placed her at home on the couch with a stiff cock in the ass. She just wanted to know what she’s doing on a video on the internet.

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